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An autoclicker is an amazing software that automates mouse clicks and is mostly useful for gamers. OP Autoclicker is a software that does this task seamlessly without having you to deal with frustrating advertisements and possibly harmful files.


It is hard to realize its worth unless you are in a situation where you need to repeatedly click to win some reward or bonus.

Let's read a detailed review about OP AutoClicker and know how it will make your life easier.




The OP Autoclicker is a wonderful automation tool that lets you automate the redundant mouse clicks. The tool offers two modes of auto clicking - prespecified cursor location and dynamic cursor location. I’d recommend OP Autoclicker as it is 100% safe, is easy to use, and has a bunch of great features. 

This tool proves to be very useful in customizing mouse clicks and achieving a higher and accurate click rate. It is a fully-function auto clicker that will benefit you and even enhance your gaming experience. 


So, go ahead and get this amazing software and make your work a lot easier. 

Ease of Use


OP Autoclicker is a very easy-to-use software that helps the user to automate mouse clicks. This is how you can get started with it:

  • First, set the time interval between the clicks under the ‘Click Interval’ section.
  • Then in ‘Click Options’ choose the mouse button you wish to click and then select the type of clicks.
  • Now you can set the repeat mode and also the number of clicks.
  • In the ‘Cursor Position’, specify the location where you’d like the tool to click.
  • Finally, click on the start button or use the hotkey to start the automation.

OP Autoclicker is a full-fledged autoclicker that offers auto-clicking at a specific location on the screen or the dynamic location of the cursor. You can also set the maximum number of clicks or leave it infinite.

OP Autoclicker is a nifty tool that you can use to automate your mouse clicks and free yourself from the trap of sitting and doing every click yourself. It offers a great variety of customization options like button click selection, interval setting, number of times to be repeated, type of click, fixed position choice, etc.

This software gives you the freedom to use it for any particular scenario that you find useful. The OP Autoclicker makes the whole automation process a cakewalk and automates the mouse clicking very swiftly.


Features and Benefits


  • OP Auto clicker offers a great deal of features and benefits to its users. Some of them are listed below:
    It lets you choose your cursor position. You can enable it to follow your mouse cursor and do repeated clicks at a fixed point.
  • You get multiple options like - single clicking, double-clicking, or triple-clicking
  • It lets the user select the number clicks required, or you can keep it to infinite clicks.
  • The tool lets you select which mouse button you want to use to perform the clicks.
  • It also lets you change the hotkeys
  • With this tool you can save the settings and be free from the hassle of setting it up everytime.
  • It has no malware or advertisements
  • It is a free and an open-source software
  • OP Autoclicker has very low CPU usage
  • It comes with a clean and easy to use user-interface
  • The hotkeys keep parking while the application is in the background

OP Autoclicker Review